Existing Setup of Water plants require continuously services, often at short notice. In order to take of the plant health and life till system exist, we have proposed following services:

Annual Maintenance Contract

IMPACT & Solutions would like to propose AMC which will enhance performance and take care of the system.

Objective :

Objective of AMC is to not only provide preventive maintenance of the plant but train the customer in terms of technical and operational aspects. This AMC can categorize into mainly:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Training

Objective of Proposing AMC at Customer:

  • Preventive maintenance of the plant (Existing RO+EDI, plant)
  • Availability of Plant 24X7 @ 365 days through detailed health checkup

Value Management Contract

Value Management Contract includes AMC as well as Water Servey of existing setup.

Water Survey

With the technical know-how of Water more than 15 years in the Pharmaceutical business, Impact & Solutions would like to propose Visits which will enhance performance of the system.

Objective :

Objective of Water Survey is to not only provide proactive maintenance of the plant but also to help the customer to find out its critical aspects of the plant & ensure value is delivered. This value can categorize into mainly :

  • Mass Balance
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Management
  • Opex Cost
  • Operational Issues
  • Compliance of water system

Objective of Proposing Water Survey:

  • Help to Improve overall efficiency of the plant
  • Water recoveries will help us to understand the reject and its utilization according to current standard
  • Expert Opinion in Water system which will keep updated compliance of the system
  • Availability of Plant 24X7 @ 365 days through detailed health checkup

Operation and Maintenance

Our Water system Experties make us unique, We can take the full resposnibilties of your water system along with Operation of Water Plant. Our commitment: We can run the plant 24 X 7 with less than 1% breakdown.

Breakdown Visits

We have our regional offices all across India, like Mumbai, Vadodara, Chandigarh and Hyderabad, Our qualified and well trained experienced engineers are available immediately for any type of breakdown visits on SOS basis.


IMPACT & SOLUTIONS has years of experience in decontamination of entire water systems. Our process engineers and water quality experts are well equipped to provide extensive operational and financial support, including migration strategy, decommissioning timelines, cost analysis and financial projections for a partial or complete system overhaul.


Caliberation of equipment is one of the principle work of Impact and solutions, We have done tip-ups with NEBL labs inorder to take the full responsibility of Caliberation solutions. We take Calibrations for

  • TOC Analyser (any Make- Membrapure /GE/Metler/HACH etc)
  • Ozone Sensor
  • Flow, temp and Pr. equipment


In Today's business, Training plays important roles for any organisation. Our Experts are well equip to train on Water system and Compliance wrt to current Norms.