Aquinity P10

Short Overview

Aquinity² models produce ultra pure water directly from tap water. The Aquinity² P10 ultrapure water system is equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) module to produce deionised water directly into an integrated 10l tank. In the next step Type I grade water is produced with a polisher cartridge. The Aquinity² water purification system is available in different configurations (Reagent & Analytical) to meet the specific requirements of ultra pure water for different applications.

Analytical is a version with UV lamp for low TOC value. Life Science grade water with low endotoxin can be generated with a special final filter. An optional integrated TOC sensor allows the user to monitor the TOC content permanentely online. Besides that the Aquinity² can be configure as bench top or bench-integrated system, where the control panel will mounted on the wall.

Technical Specifications:

18.2 MOhm x cm | 0.055 µS/cm; Type I


max. 8 L/h

Production rate

< 10 ppb (Reagent) < 3 ppb (Analytical)

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

uniTOC Advantages

Compact housing

Big touchscreen

Remote service module

Menus and wizards easy to use and mistake avoiding

New fixed and flexible dispenser

Easy access for cartridge exchange

Morning Dew


Bench integrated configuration (BI version)

To save valuable benchtop space the system can be ordered as BI configuration. The system will be installed underneath the work bench and only the display and dispenser are mounted on the wall.

Wall mounted configuration

To save valuable benchtop space the system can be ordered as wall mounted configuration. the whole system can be mounted on the wall with inclined display.

TOC-Monitoring (TI version)

The TOC monitoring during production and intermittent measurements during non-use periods allows to check the organic content in water continuously. The TOC value is measured between 1 and 999 ppb and can be shown in the display to monitor organic impurities.

Volumetric dispensing

Our dispenser allows the volumetric controlled dispensing of water with an increment of 0.1 L and a tap volume from 0.1 to 99 L. The system prevents overflow of containers and allows to dispense water without supervising.


Technical Specifications
1 ltrapure water quality 0.055 µS/cm; Type I
2 Resistivity 18.2 MegaOhm/cm
3 Total organic carbon (TOC) < 10 ppb reagent, < 3 ppb Analytical
4 Dispensing flow rate 1.5 L/min
5 Production rate 8 L/min*
6 Bacteria < 1 cfu/mL
7 Particulate > 0.2 µm less than 1 particulate/mL
8 RNAse < 1 pg/mL**
9 DNAse < 5 pg/mL**
10 Dimensions, weight, power 504 x 340 x 535 mm, 16-20 kg, 110 - 230 V
*not possible to tap pure water **with microbiological final filter
Feed Water Requirements
1 Type of feed water Tap water
2 Feed water conductivity < 1400 µS/cm
3 Inlet pressure 1.5 to 6 bar
4 Free chlorine < 0.1 mg/L
5 Silt Density Inded (SDI) < 3
6 pH 3 to 9
7 Temperature 5 to 25 °C


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